What is peace  Danilo Dulci 

Danilo Doci 100 years for Peace - meeting at the Alessandro Scarlatti Conservatory in Palermo

On the occasion of the presence in Palermo of the SISTANAGILA project, I was reading a text by Danilo Dulci "What is Peace" (1968) and a final note regarding the importance of keeping the legacy of Danilo alive. Sistanagila, which has been uniting Iranian and Israeli musicians in Berlin for ten years, and the Alessandro Scarlatti Conservatory in Palermo hosted a moment of readings, music and testimonies for the centenary of the birth of Danilo Dolci, an international symbol of the commitment to peace. The meeting to remember the Italian sociologist, poet, educator and activist of nonviolence, nicknamed Gandhi of Sicily, will see the participation of the teachers and the Director of the Conservatory M° Mauro Visconti. The very special relationship with music will be deepened at a later date, again in collaboration with the Danilo Dolci Center for Creative Development. Special thanks to Amico Dolci, Alberto Biondo, Babak Shafieian and Marion Weerning. Palermo, Sicily May, 2024

Recording Palermo

Palermo, 1st of Mai, noon time, all is alive, all is real and not prefect at all. Palermo reminds me what I have forgotten, the feeling of touch, touch of the heart. a quote from the Palermitani writer Roberto Alajmo will describe her better then me "Palermo Is an Onion. Like an onion, you can peel away Palermo’s countless layers without ever reaching its real core. As you try to peel it, it makes you cry. When you are done peeling it, it dissolves". May 2024