Avi Albers Ben Chamo
The Wrong Strips

Currently lives and works in Berlin.

Avi Albers Ben Chamo (1973) I borned in Israel to Jewish immigrants from Morocco and active as a painter and composer. With my work, I explore and research the topic: "Bridges". I studied design at the WIZO Haifa Academy of Design in Israel and music composition with composer and Bach researcher Professor Derek Remes, in Berlin.

Where do bridges lead, and why are they built?

The experience of these two different cultures I'm exposed to, sparked my enthusiasm to explore the emotional bridge between traumatic historical memories, masculinity, labeling and stereotypes. 

In the last decade, my work has revolved around the philosophical history of bridges - individual bridges and the cultural connection they embody. "Bridges are bridges between yesterday and tomorrow, between pain and healing." With "Bridges" I  wish to explore and research the individual and cultural historical conflicts with no solution in sight and the transformation of gender roles through history, myth, politic, architecture and nature.  


"This is not Naples, this is Haifa" (Bauhaus in decay) - exhibition sponsored by the Municipality of Haifa (2001);  

"Holiday in the refineries of Haifa", towards zero pollution for air, water and soil, Israel (2003);

Premarts gallery - Group exhibition, Berlin (2019);

“The Kiosk People ,” Indie head Alexanderplatz, - Group exhibition, Berlin (2022);

“Maroquinerie,” solo exhibition, (Hope and alienation in a foreign land) Gallery Stanton, Israel;

Kavanism - Solo exhibition (Architecture and symbolism) at Fundburo Design, Berlin (2023);

WEAVING LISTENING HilbertRaum (Human Sound installation), Berlin (2023);.


Berliner Projektfond Kulturelle Bildung
Neustart Kultur
Culture Moves Europe


A mediterranean men in Berlin (blog) Stern Magazine 2014

Artist's residency 
Palermo under the EU program and the Goethe-Instituts -Culture Moves Mai 2024

Active projects: 

Sistanagila Iran - Israel music project. 

Music and politics

Though Sistanagila promotes itself as apolitical, it’s inevitable that merging Israeli and Iranian musicians performing together will carry political undertones “whether we like it or not". Sistanagila is comprised of two Iranians, two Israelis, and a German. For the first time in mid-September, they performed to a packed house – including their Iranian audience members – at a synagogue, following a weekend performance at a cathedral and beforehand a mosque. 

The Jewish Choral Book Project German - Israeli culture project. 

Performance of original compositions 

Laeiszhalle Hamburg, Gewandhaus Leipzig,  Coburg Philharmonisches Orchester, Berlin Philharmonie.  

Avi Albers Ben Chamo